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Hello Monkeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyysssssss!!!!!!!1

Monkees! Monkeys! Munkees! monkees! Fronkees! Donkeys|! Heheheheheh!
Staz, if u wanna change ur name, u can. It's crap i no, but we needed something to call you and u weren't there! Boo hoo!

Me off 2 Dorset tomoz..... miss u guys! :-(

Need to tell Richi about this thing....

Me bored. It, like, eight o clock and me in pj's. Oh well....................
......my feet hurt. Prob cuz I'm sittin on dem. Will be back on Friday mornin but mum just told me we'll be goin away again on sat evening! So hav 2 meet up wit u guys on Fri or Sat!!!
Love Ya! - Reba

PS. Only changed that pic 2 Barbie cuz i am so bored (and have pins and needles in feet!). Feel free 2 change it back!
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