Life as a Lemon Ant

Long Benjemin Britain

8 February
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Antoinette had many lovers outside her marriage. She was commonly called "the Austrian whore" for the countless men she entertained - from Arthur Dillon, the Duc de Lauzun, and Axel von Fersen, to the Baron de Besenval, the Prince de Ligne, and the Comte de Vaudreuil. "Antoinette even confessed herself that she led the life of 'a despicable prostitute': She spent the night before the coronation in 1775 on the Porte Neuve at Reims, an 'islet of love,' dressed as a Bacchante, copulating for three hours with a selected 'Hercules.' She learned new positions from the Comte d’Artois at the Trianon, and she experimented with her ladies of the household" (Schama, 225). In the defaming publications, Antoinette was portrayed as a sexual monster. As this fault became known to the masses, the Queen’s popularity rapidly decreased.

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